10th Jan 2017

Clam | PayPal to MPESA, MPESA to PayPal instant transfers

Clam is an online digital money service that allows consumers to transfer funds from PayPal to MPESA and from MPESA to PayPal. The platform offers secure and instant transfers at the lowest rates on the market. With currency conversion fees updated on an hourly basis, users can always expect fees matching the prevailing exchange rates. Clam is available both on the web and as an Android application with enhanced features.

Accessing the service and transferring funds from PayPal to MPESA involves a few simple steps, which are elegantly presented to provide a unique, consistent and delightful user experience.

Leveraging the Safaricom MPESA API to automatically disburse funds to the specified MPESA number, the service is independent of human interaction and guarantees delivery of cash as soon as the transaction is processed, which enhances convenience and reliability. A support team is always available to assist customers in the event of any issues or questions.